Cyclist Has Testicles Ripped Off During Crash Into Bush

Cyclist Has Testicles Ripped Off St. Petersburg, Florida – A Tampa Bay area university student was severely injured Thursday when a work truck nearly struck the man on his bike and caused him to leave the street at a high rate of speed crashing into a freshly trimmed hedge bush.

“The man was wearing just a T-shirt and light running shorts”, said Beth Helms. Helms called police Thursday morning after witnessing the accident. “Another lady and I ran over to check on the young man after we heard him start screaming and yelling. I thought he had broken his arm at first”, she said. “He had blood all over his hands and legs so I called it in right away”.

When the student landed in the bush the jagged stumps of the freshly cut hedge tore through is shorts and ripped most of his scrotum and both testicles from his body. Helms added that if the paramedics hadn’t arrived as fast as they did he would have probably bled to death.

The complete extent of his injuries have not yet been released.

Thanks to the source The Oracle.

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