Arizona Woman Charged With Going 68 In A 45 Zone – On Her Bike

Bike Speeder Grace Picket was in a hurry to get to work last week. She needed to travel 47 miles from her home to work in Scottsdale, Arizona. That big hill into town was just too hard to resist.

Avid cyclist Grace Picket averages around 150 mile a week on her road and mountain bikes combined. She occasionally rides the 47 miles into Scottsdale and has her husband pick her up from work and drive them back home. “Our house is pretty far up in the hills”, said Picket. “I like to bomb down the big hills to try and keep my average speed up. They just caught me near the bottom of the hill and there was no way I could slow down enough not to get caught”.

A local Arizona police officer clocked Picket at 68MPH before the hill leveled out. There is a lot of speeding on this hill during the morning commute into town and officers often wait at the bottom to catch the offenders. “The speed limit is 45 MPH because of some blind curves and we just want to keep it safe”, said the officer. “This was the first bicycle speeding ticket to be issued on this hill”.

Picket says see plans on framing the ticket if she can’t get them to lower the $60 fine when see goes to court next month.” Maybe my co-workers will believe me now when I tell them how long it takes me to ride to work”,said Picket.

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